Paintball Safety

People shooting at each other for fun? It makes people wonder if paintball is safe. Learn the facts here.

Most people already participate in a sport that is less “safe” than  paintball, like football, basketball or even fishing. Industry safety standards  like paintball masks, barrel plugs, and limits on paintball gun velocities help  prevent injuries. The fact is that less than 1 person out of every 4,000 who  play paintball will end up having to go to the doctor for a paintball-related  injury. This includes things like ankle sprains or scratches from falling in the  woods, not just injuries directly related to paintball pellets. On the other  hand, 1 in 33 people who play football will end up visiting the hospital each  year.

Of course, getting hit by a paintball tends to and leave a welt, but it is  usually no worse than the bumps, bruises, and scratches that people get doing  other things.

Paintball is safe even for fairly young preteens. Commercial fields have  liability insurance covering players as young as 10 or 12 (depending on the  field). If young players had too many claims, insurance companies would not  cover them.

According to statistics, playing on a commercial field is safer than playing  at home. Commercial fields have rules, and the referees to enforce them. Some of  the most important basic safety rules are:

  • Players must wear paintball  masks (also known as goggles) to protect their eyes
  • Markers (aka paintball guns) are chronographed to make sure they are firing  below a certain speed (no higher than 300 feet per second, but some fields have  lower maximum speeds)
  • Barrels must be plugged or covered when not in play to prevent someone from  accidentally firing their marker

On the other hand, when people play paintball in unestablished fields (for  instance in their backyard, or in the forest), it is up to players to make sure  they follow common sense procedures. Unfortunately, they often don’t. The  majority of paintball-related eye injuries occur in unestablished fields,  because players don’t follow safety rules.

Bottom line? If you follow the rules, paintball is not only safe, but  fun.

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