How It Works

What’s it all about?

We have been promoting major parks across the country for the last 20 years – bringing exposure to our industry through event marketing, business to business sales, and online.

In addition to marketing, we also managed paintball facilities both on the East Coast and Midwest – fields ranging up to 400+ acres and 650+ rental guns. Understanding how fields make their money, the importance of the customer’s experience, and the reality of working with online marketing companies has helped us streamline the best sites to more effectively market our sport across the US and Canada.

With a new era of daily deal sites sprouting up everywhere, has partnered with select sites to offer fields more money per player, increased paint sales, consistent “regular player” increases and better exposure overall.

We are industry specific and NOT a daily deal site filling our pipeline. This marketing program has proven effective in acquiring new players and getting the highest returns on your paint. You receive payment from the player for their paintballs and air. Your cost to acquire that customer is zero.

The bottom line:

  • is currently working with daily deal companies in markets across the US and Canada. We are inviting your facility to participate in a multi-field marketing campaign.
  • The typical deal will include All Day Admission and Equipment Rentals to parks in your region. We would like your field to be listed as a redemption location.
  • The deals do not include paintballs and these must be purchased from your park on the customer’s day of play. There is a minimum paintball purchase required for each person playing…. generally a bag of 500 to start.
  • is able to target the sites offering a high quality clientele and the right amount of exposure. Depending on the size of your facility and the capacity of your field you will receive exposure in multiple markets attracting families, groups, the corporate sector as well as individuals.
  • is industry specific and NOT a daily deal site needing to fill a pipeline. We are interested in helping the sport grow in a healthy and profitable way for field owners.
  • will give you a steady increase in your paint sales and customer base resulting in manageable and profitable growth.
  • is the only field marketing site on the planet that gives field owners the ability to market their paintball stores and increase traffic and profit there too….. FREE.

Maximum exposure to your target demographic for zero dollars is why this is an effective marketing solution. We are inviting safe highly rated facilities in your area to participate. If you feel this type of exposure would benefit your facility and would like more information we would be happy to refer you to our national representative by clicking the link below. Call or email today to find out more.


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10 Paintball Passes
10 Paintball Passes
Price: $300.00
Price: $49.95

5 Pack Paintball Passes
5 Pack Paintball Passes
Price: $150.00
Price: $24.99

30 Paintball Passes
30 Paintball Passes

Buy two sheets of passes, get an additional sheet free!

Price: $900.00
Price: $99.95