PnL Paintball ProShop- Boston[Bridgewater]

Lifetime warranty on ALL markers we sell!

PnL Paintball ProShop- Boston[Bridgewater]

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The Pro Shop – (508) 697-5808

Whether you are looking to pick up the latest equipment or you need a repair on your paint marker, we have the staff and products to make sure you leave satisfied.

Why shop at PnL?

Our pro shop staff have all been in the industry for years and are knowledgeable about every product we sell.

We also provide great service to go along with your purchases; Most of the markers and equipment sold in our pro shop are backed by a lifetime warranty from PnL.

Our pro shop also offers technical assistance, as well as cleaning and maintenance, for almost every brand of marker sold today.

Not sure which marker or loader to buy?

Come in and meet our pro-shop staff. We will be more than happy to walk you through your purchase; making sure you have all the knowledge to make the right decision.

Need a marker repair?

Our staff knows how to repair and upgrade every marker we sell in the pro shop – so, no worries about being stuck with broken equipment…..we are really good!

We not only repair markers, but also work on loaders, regulators and air systems.

No problem is too tough and no job is too small, so come on in and meet our pro shop staff for yourself today!

Pro Shop Hours
Mon—9am to 5pm
Wed—9am to 5pm
Thurs—9am to 5pm
Fri—9am to 5pm
Sat—9am to 4pm
Sun—9am to 4pm
10 Paintball Passes
10 Paintball Passes
Price: $300.00
Price: $49.95

5 Pack Paintball Passes
5 Pack Paintball Passes
Price: $150.00
Price: $24.99

30 Paintball Passes
30 Paintball Passes

Buy two sheets of passes, get an additional sheet free!

Price: $900.00
Price: $99.95