Landmark Forum Scholarships

How would you like to have some fun and make a difference by creating funds for people that you love to participate in the Landmark Forum?  WHAAAAAAAAAAT?

Its CRAZY simple…

  1. Just share/paste the Paintball Hotline link for your area on Facebook, in emails, or texts with friends and family, your workplace, and especially grads.
  2. Anytime Paintball Hotline passes are purchased from the link, 50% of the total revenue goes to your local Landmark forum center for scholarships.  You can even request who they are applied to.

Tucson, AZ (Phoenix center):

Paintball Hotline owners are graduates of the Landmark Forum, the Curriculum for Living and the Introduction Leaders program. We love this work. We love you. Your feedback is always welcome.

10 Paintball Passes
10 Paintball Passes
Price: $300.00
Price: $49.95

5 Pack Paintball Passes
5 Pack Paintball Passes
Price: $150.00
Price: $24.99

30 Paintball Passes
30 Paintball Passes

Buy two sheets of passes, get an additional sheet free!

Price: $900.00
Price: $99.95