Tucson Paintball – Disruptive Paintball Only $5!

Tucson, AZ

Tucson Paintball - Disruptive Paintball Only $5!

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Paintball Tucson – Disruptive Paintball Field, is a family owned and operated business.

Ryan Lovato established Disruptive Paintball in 2003. He has been playing paintball for over 20 years and played professionally for several years. All of our products are made for players by players. Disruptive Paintball is constantly advancing their technology to stay at the forefront of the industry. They are dedicated to the sport of paintball and strive to offer the best in customer service and products available today.

Over 18 acres of scenario / rec fields & regulation sup air fields.

Western town – like to be a sniper? This filed boasts two sniper towers posted on each end of the field. In the middle, a village of small buildings. Even better, a full trench that runs the length of the field.

Helicopter field – two downed helicopters lay across the field. Several pipes, walls, barrels, and three huge towers build this field into a “black hawk down” type scenario. Dig in your helicopter and hold your ground.

Wall field – a 12ft wall sits directly in the middle of this field. The layout is meant for one thing and one thing only, close quarter combat!

Spool field – right next to the staging area where everyone can watch. Designed for fast paced action that doesn’t stop.

Drum field – our newest field! This field is next to the staging area where everyone can watch. This perfectly mirrored field is on one of our NPPL fields. It is a perfectly groomed field with a Hyberball tube snake and drums. This is were XBall meets rec ball.

NPPL & XBall – Tucson’s only regulation air fields. This is what the pro’s play on. If speed is your thing, then definitely come check it out!

Get discount passes for Tucson Paintball for only $5 per player!

Please note, each player must purchase 500 paintballs and unlimited air fills from Disruptive Paintball for $25.




10 Paintball Passes
10 Paintball Passes
Price: $300.00
Price: $49.95

5 Pack Paintball Passes
5 Pack Paintball Passes
Price: $150.00
Price: $24.99

30 Paintball Passes
30 Paintball Passes

Buy two sheets of passes, get an additional sheet free!

Price: $900.00
Price: $99.95